Meet & Greet to ensure that your best friend will be a match for our FUN environment

Dogs at Dogs Live Happy  have very busy days while in Daycare & Boarding

We provide kennel-free Doggy Daycare & Boarding, which means your dog is free to run, play with our other guests after
being  screened and  properly introduced.

Because the dogs are in a communal atmosphere, we carefully screen all dogs prior to accepting them for services and require
that they are current on all vaccinations (please see “Requirements” for specifics).

Your dog can romp all day in our indoor/outdoor play area complete with doggy play equipment, and durable toys for those
tough canines. In addition, at Dogs Live Happy we have separate play-areas so we can have individual play groups depending on
size, age, energy level etc. .
ALL play-areas are always bustling with activity- fetch, tug, and chase are among the dogs favorite games. But who can resist a belly rub from a
staff member, or a treat?
At Dogs Live Happy Daycare we promote a fun and active environment while also fostering good manners and social skills. Our
staff is trained to recognize the signs of over-stimulation and step in when necessary.

All day play is fun, but every dog needs some quiet time. We keep plenty of crates available so dogs can snuggle up for a much needed nap
at Nap Time.  (between 12 - 3 PM)
At Dogs Live Happy Daycare our main concern is the happiness and the well being of your dog. We encourage dogs to play and
socialize while also learning important social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

This is, however, a tumble environment and there is always the possibility of injury. The Staff at
Dogs Live Happy Daycare makes every effort to prevent injury, but it is not always avoidable.
We want every potential client to be aware that because dogs play with their mouths, teeth and paws that cuts, nicks and
scratches do occur. Very young dogs or extremely high energy dogs often miss warning cues from other dogs
and may be snapped at as a form of “correction”.

We carefully screen all dogs at a Meet and Greet session prior to accepting them for services. During the Meet and Greet, we are
looking for very specific behaviors. Ideally, when we introduce your dog to another dog, we want to see your dog express the
equivalent of "Hi! How are you? Want to play?" in doggy talk. This means eagerly greeting the other dog, lots of sniffing, and
gentle invitations to play.

What we don't want to see is any dominant behavior, growling, or aggressive play. We also don't want to see your dog barely
acknowledge the other dog and then walk away. Many dog owners do not understand that when their dog does this, he or she is
really saying "I don’t want to be here."
While you are here for the Meet and Greet, we'd love to show you our facility, too!

Call or email to schedule your Meet and Greet! (

Please bring copies of your dog's vaccination/fecal exam records. (see “Requirements” for more detailed information)
Although we carefully screen all applicants, occasionally we discover that this is not an appropriate environment for every dog.

Dogs Live Happy Daycare reserves the right to permanently remove a dog from daycare at any time.
If any of the above mentioned makes you uncomfortable....... daycare may not be the best option for your dog (s).