Requirements to create a Safe and Healthy Environment.

To ensure the safety and well being of all the dogs at our facility, our guidelines include:

Age: All dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age or older with three sets of vaccinations.
A CLEAN Fecal, no older than 8 days, is required for dogs 6 month or younger.

Sex: All dogs, 7 months and older,  must be spayed or neutered.

Shots:  ALL dogs must be current on DAPP , Rabies (if over 16 weeks)  and Bordatella (canine cough) vaccinations
 Vaccinations must be given at least 2 days before coming to our facility.

Bordatella is administered, most likely, every six months and must be given at least 2 days prior to coming to our

Vet records required for all Vaccinations.

All dogs must be on an acceptable flea prevention.

Rabies vaccination is required for ALL dogs 4 months or older.

Health: All dogs must be in good health. Owners will be asked to certify their dog(s) are in good health and have not
been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days.(Vet records required)
Upon admission, all dogs must be free from any condition that could potentially jeopardize other guests. Dogs who have been ill with a communicable
condition in the last 30 days will require veterinarian certification of health to be admitted or readmitted.
Once admitted, please alert Dogs Live Happy Staff to any change in your dog’s health that requires medication, even if it will
not require to administer it.
If your dog is not feeling well, ie. Vomiting or diarrhea, please do not bring your dog to daycare

Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Owners will be asked to
certify their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any
person or any other dog
Please remember that your pet will be spending time with other pets and the safety and health of all animals is our main concern.

Application: All dogs must have a complete, up-to-date and approved enrollment form on file.

We watch for aggressive behavior, biting, and medical problems. To promote maximum safety and comfort for all dogs,
we require a one day per week commitment. If your dog is absent from day care for an extended period, it may be
necessary to perform another behavior assessment.   

Reservations: Reservations are required for all daycare appointments. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice
will be charged full fees.

We reserve the right to turn away any dog that is unsuitable for this environment.

Requirements are subject to change at any time without notification